While being in public practice for more than two decades, the partners of HNCO have been involved in achieving the following significant milestones:

  • Special Auditor of National Industrial Cooperative Finance Corporation Limited (NICFC) and National Industrial Cooperative Credit Corporation Limited (NICCC) the largest ever cooperative scandal in the history of the country where the number of affectees were 365,465 involving embezzlement of public funds in excess of Rs. 6,352.00 million.
  • Investigated into the affairs of Taj Company Limited in 1992, involved in misappropriation of public deposits of Rs. 2,550.00 million approximately.
  • Investigated into the affairs of Ittefaq Foundries Limited in 1994 one of the largest conglomerate with wide political connections.
  • The Federal Government on July 29, 2000, constituted a Task Force on Reforms of Tax Administration of Central Board of Revenue to investigate and recommend in detail on measures to improve significantly the ability of Pakistan’s tax machinery to collect taxes efficiently, with integrity and without undue coercion of taxpayers. Our Tax Partner was a member of “Task Force on Tax Administration” and his services was highly appreciated.
  • To probe the misappropriation of public funds of M/s English Leasing Limited, investigation was carried out into its affairs under section 265 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984, as appointed by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The audit partner of the firm played the role of team leader for carrying out the assignment and his services were appreciated by the department.
  • Complete computerization and financial management system of Punjab Text Book Board, a department of Government of Punjab.
  • Designing of financial management system and accounting manuals of The Research Council of Sultanate of Oman.
  • Performed financial and economic feasibilities of entertainment projects of Government of Punjab worth billion of rupees.