Mudassar Khalid


Muddassar Khalid is a Tax Partner at UHY, Chartered Accountants. He holds vast experience of handling direct as well as indirect tax cases both for clients from taxpayers’ community and the taxpayers’ regulator (FBR). During the course of his career, he has represented his local and International clients from various sectors in matters pertaining to Income Tax, Sales Tax, Federal Excise (Central Excise) and Customs. He is quiet known for his expertise in tax planning and contemplating models for availing international tax benefits and advising on best managing the local and international taxes.

Beside his interests and experience in Taxation, he is known for his skills in corporate and secretarial law practices; contracts/joint ventures consulting and has an experience to his credit for development and implementation of ERP solutions for clients. He has also conducted various taxation workshops as trainer.

He has represented FBR not only in special audits for sales tax for various leading listed companies but also represented FBR in finalization of such cases before Customs, Sales Tax and Federal Excise Tribunal. Many of the cases dealt with by him during above mentioned tenure proved to be the success for FBR and created new horizon for the departmental auditors in interpreting and handling tax cases.

Besides his experience of handling issues with the tax authorities in assessments procedures, adjudication or settlements, he has been successful in getting benefits for clients before the Honorable Federal Tax Ombudsman, Honorable Appellate Tribunal, Alternate Disputes Resolution Committees, etc.

On the other side, he has vast experience of analyzing requirements specifications, development, deployment and implementation of ERP solutions. His interest in the field has lead him to develop expertise in implementation of document archival and retrieval repositories and workflow management systems.

He has conducted various workshops on the topics of direct and indirect taxation organized by different workshop / training organizing firms and institutes. He has taught subjects like Business and Finance, Taxation and Audit to students of ICAEW and ACCA in Pakistan.